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A new year and a new reset perhaps?

Be the best version of yourself

A very Happy New Year. Each new year begins with limitless optimism for the opportunities ahead. In recent times that may seem a big ask, but hopefully 2022 will be the year when we can put the worst of the pandemic behind us.

Covid19 has brought the subject of mental wellbeing into sharp focus. But the truth is that despite the positive narrative about looking after our mental health, too few people are coming forward and asking for help.

So my message for this new year is that if you know someone who is struggling, or perhaps you are that person, consider asking for help. I work counselling clients in Bedford and the surrounds, but like many other therapists, my service has gone online, and over the phone, so geography is less important than two years ago.

What is of upmost importance is the counselling experience that a client can expect to receive. I can only represent myself here, but my three pillars of service are trust, relationships and confidence.


For counselling to be effective trust has to exist. Trust isn’t something that can be switched on like a light. But intuitively we are able to sense if people are likely to be trustworthy. Trust is built on the notion of positive relationships.


Rapport is another good word alongside relationship. In deciding how to choose a counsellor, rapport or a chemistry really helps. Where the relationship is an honest and positive one, trust can develop quickly.


Confidence is multi-faceted. Have the confidence to reach out in the first place; a real sign of strength and the first stage on the path to improvement. Confidence in yourself that change is possible for the better if you are prepared to work at it. Confidence in your counsellor that sessions with them are not all about ‘tea and sympathy’ but give you tools to build back your own resilience.

I want to work and help people who understand that these three elements are important to successful outcomes. I always offer a complementary 20 minute first consultation. This lets you get a feel for me and vice-versa, we can size up the task at hand and you can understand what working with me as your counsellor will mean on a session-by-session, week-by-week basis.

You can start by calling me in confidence on 07525 346998.

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