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Domestic abuse consultation by Bedford Borough Council

Counselling for domestic abuse in Bedford

Domestic abuse consultation in Bedford

It was interesting to read recently about a draft domestic abuse strategy to be published for public consultation by Bedford Borough Council so it can update its own approach to the problem.

The purpose of the consultation is to improve how agencies like the police and domestic abuse and mental health charities can work better together to provide support and safe accommodation for victims of domestic abuse.

As a counsellor and therapist in Great Denham who specialises in providing counselling to people who have experienced all types of domestic abuse, this is a development that I welcome whole-heartedly. In particular, the type of safe accommodation provided needs to be appropriate to the particular case of abuse. For example, in some situations mixed locations might not be right for someone who has suffered sexual abuse.

The Bedfordshire Domestic Abuse Service brings together partner agencies to provide and improve domestic abuse services across the county. There is a 24-hour national domestic abuse helpline via 0808 2000 247. If anyone is in immediate danger, they should ring 999.

The consultation is yet to be published but is expected to forthcoming shortly and can be accessed from this council link.

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